A village with a vision
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Our Vision

“I’ve lived in Harbury all my life.  This is the only place I know and where all my friends and family are.  I don’t think I would know how to live anywhere else”

We are seeking to develop a local service in Harbury which can meet the housing, care and support needs of older people.  This service will seek to limit the number of people who have to move out of the area to receive care and support. It will enhance the quality of life for older people in the village through helping people to stay independent whether they live in the scheme or in the wider village

“I moved here a few years ago to be near my son.  The help and support I get in the village is excellent.  I’m not getting younger, but I want to be independent as long as possible”

The development of the service will be led and supported by the local community.  This may include ownership of the site, but will certainly include involvement in the design and delivery of the service. It will include fund raising and volunteer support to the scheme.  The group would seek to work with a like minded partner to support the delivery of the vision, possibly a housing association.


Although this is a service which will focus on the needs of older people the intention is to create a resource which is integrated into village life across the generations.  This may include resources which are open to, or run by, villagers of all ages.



You can download the full Harbury Vision document here