A village with a vision
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Breaking News!

Our partners Bromford Housing have negotiated a plot of land in Harbury suitable for 30 units.  Plans are being drawn up now!

The History

The Village with a Vision group has been formed by a number of people who became aware of the impact on older villagers of the lack of local services to meet their needs.

Harbury - a village with a vision!

We are seeking to develop a local service in Harbury which can meet the housing, care and support needs of older people.  

This service will seek to limit the number of people who have to move out of the area to receive care and support.

It will enhance the quality of life for older people in the village through helping people to stay independent whether they live in the scheme or in the wider village

The aim is to provide a scheme that can offer accommodation for older people and care and support when needed.

The accommodation will meet good design standards (including the concept of progressive privacy for residents), providing flexible and attractive homes for local older people, as well as a resource for the local community.

At the moment the thinking is for:

Community Resource

We wish to develop a resource for the village as a whole, and would envisage a cross section of people will be involved or will benefit in a range of ways